Richard Serra: Levels, Weights & Rifts 2008-2013

October 24, 2013December 11, 2013

Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl is pleased to present new large-scale etchings by Richard Serra.

Richard Serra is widely considered to be one of the most important living sculptors, with worldwide permanent installations of his work and a highly-regarded 2007 retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. His drawings have also recently been spotlighted, with a retrospective co-hosted by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and The Menil Collection.

Throughout it all, Serra has been a committed printmaker, ever since his first Gemini G.E.L. publications in 1972, and to date he has created over 230 editions. Beginning October 24, and continuing through December 11, the gallery will feature his most recent printmaking endeavors, presenting a selection from 25 large-scale etchings created during the 5 years spanning 2008-2013. Likely his most important body of editioned work todate, these monumental etchings take the concept of “prints” to an entirely different level. Richly textured, impressive in density and scale, and technically challenging to produce, Serra and the Gemini workshop have continued their remarkable history of pushing the boundaries of printmaking to its limits. The visual and physical impact of these works embodies the essence of Serra’s impressive endeavors as a sculptor anddraftsman.

Richard Serra, Weight IX, 2013
Richard Serra
Richard Serra, Weight VII, 2013
Richard Serra
Richard Serra, Double Level II, 2009
Richard Serra
Richard Serra, Weight I, 2009
Richard Serra
Richard Serra, Paths And Edges #10, 2007
Richard Serra
Richard Serra, Ballast II, 2011
Richard Serra
Richard Serra, Level III, 2008
Richard Serra
Richard Serra, Ballast I, 2011
Richard Serra