Ed Ruscha & Frank Gehry: New Works

Gehry: New Lithographs | Ruscha: Cityscapes
February 1, 2008March 19, 2008

Frank Gehry 
New Lithographs

Among the most innovative architects in history, Frank Gehry's buildings seem to defy the natural laws of physics. He makes solid materials appear fluid, and his buildings have been compared to dancers and sculpture. Gehry pays no attention to precedence or the "rules" in architecture that bind his colleagues and predecessors. Scarcely anywhere in his oeuvre is a traditional grid structure; pretending never to worry about whether or not a structure will stand, he designs without traditional restraints and finds a way to make his buildings sound. 

Ed Ruscha

It's difficult to talk about Ed Ruscha's work without mentioning the west coast. A seminal American artist, he is more specifically, a progeny of Los Angeles. He left his home-state of Oklahoma to attend Chouinard Art Institute (now Cal Arts) with the intention of becoming a commercial artist, and this has influenced his work ever since. An excellent draughtsman, he's always been drawn to clean compositions and has used text in his work since the 1950's.