Elizabeth Murray Whazzat / Philip Guston

September 5, 1996October 5, 1996

New Works by Elizabeth Murray and a selection of lithographs by the late artist Philip Guston are on view at Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl from September 5 through October 5, 1996.  

Both aritst have their autobiographical visual vocabularies rooted in Abstract Expressionism, and for both there is a constant struggle between the structure of the work and the subject. The similarities between these two artists, with their layering of objects and forms, are numerous. Murray implements a layering of the paper to create her three dimensional forms and Guston relies on layering the objects themselves. Murray's new work shows and abundance of hands, feet, and faces, manipulated into ambiguous shapes. Guston's objects are taken directly from his surroundings, including items such as shoes, an easel, and paint brushes.