Robert Rauschenberg / Elizabeth Murray

Booster and 7 Studies / Dictionary Series
October 28, 1994December 26, 1994

Booster and 7 Studies by Robert Rauschenberg opens at Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl on October 28th, and will be on view through November 26th, 1994. This series of eight prints, Rauschenberg's first project with Gemini G.E.L. in 1967, was a groundbreaking collaboration. His concept to incorporate x-rays, photographic material, rubbings from printed images and direct drawing was itself a technological breakthrough in printmaking. Yet it was the size and scale of the "Booster" print that pushed printmaking to its limits at this early stage. At the same time, it was the largest hand-pulled lithograph ever made: 6 feet long, printed from two stones. 


Gemini G.E.L and the Paula Cooper Gallery are pleased to announce the exhibition of "Dictionary Series", a new body of work by Elizabeth Murray. A total of twenty different prints from 1994 will be on view in the two galleries form November 1 through December, 1994. Beginning with an etched gray line, the artist developed each print in a different manner, hand-coloring them with water pigments. Finally, one, two, or three runs of black screenprinting were added. Every impression is unique.