Under One Roof

February 6, 2020August 28, 2020

Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl is pleased to present Under One Roof, an exhibition about commodification, domesticity, private and public selves, and the blurred boundary between furniture design and art. The artists in this show question the meaning of our relationship to interior environments as well as household objects, and investigating these relationships reveal the ‘house’ as both a lived experience and a vehicle for abstract thought. Artists included are John Baldessari, Jonathan Borofsky, Frank Gehry, Robert Gober, Philip Guston, Ann Hamilton, Jasper Johns, Edward and Nancy Kienholz, Roy Lichtenstein, Elizabeth Murray, Bruce Nauman, Ken Price, Robert Rauschenberg, Ed Ruscha, Analia Saban, and Richard Tuttle.

Jasper Johns, Untitled, 1998
Jasper Johns
Roy Lichtenstein, Bedroom, 1991
Roy Lichtenstein
Frank Gehry, House Study 1, 2016
Frank Gehry
Frank Gehry, House Study Detail C, 2016
Frank Gehry
Frank Gehry, House Study Detail B, 2016
Frank Gehry
Frank Gehry, House Study Detail A, 2016
Frank Gehry
Robert Gober, Untitled, 2002
Robert Gober
Bruce Nauman, House Divided, 1985
Bruce Nauman
Ed Ruscha, Unstructured Merriment, 2016
Ed Ruscha
Robert Rauschenberg, Borealis Shares II, 1990
Robert Rauschenberg
RR90-173, RR90-173B
Richard Tuttle, Yellow Circle, 2018
Richard Tuttle
Ann Hamilton, #6 and #7 from "reach", 2005
Ann Hamilton
AH04-2209 and AH04-2210
Ken Price, Western Sunset, 1993
Ken Price