The Jazz Bakery, a non-profit performance space
September 13, 2018

The Jazz Bakery and Gemini G.E.L. are pleased to announce three new editions by JOHN BALDESSARI, FRANK GEHRY, and ED RUSCHA.

100% of proceeds from the sales of 50 impressions of each print will benefit The Jazz Bakery to support their exciting transition to the Moss Theater.


Ann Hamilton, shell, 2007, ciliary, 2010; Richard Tuttle, "For Case Hudson, Printer", 2013, "Pacific Seriously", 2012
A History of Fabric at Gemini G.E.L.
March 15, 2018April 28, 2018

That relation between the thread and the written line and the drawn line is about a really fundamental act of making, that the relation of the line that makes something is related to how we make things with language. -Ann Hamilton

Art is a creation for the eye and can only be hinted at with words. –John Baldessari

Sophie Calle, The Address Book, 2009; Robert Rauschenberg, American Pewter with Burroughs I & II, 1981
John Baldessari, Sophie Calle, Robert Rauschenberg, Allen Ruppersberg
March 15, 2018April 28, 2018

Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl is pleased to announce two concurrent exhibitions in our Chelsea gallery that highlight the relationship between text and textiles: Warp & Weft: A History of Fabric at Gemini G.E.L., featuring artists who use various forms of cloth in their editions; and We are the language, presenting a range of prints and sculpture multiples that feature the written word.

Jasper Johns, Fragment-According to What-Bent "U", 1971, Fragment-According to What-Bent Stencil, 1971, Fragment-According to What-Hinged Canvas, 1971
Fragment – According to What, 1971, The Complete Series
March 15, 2018April 28, 2018

On view in the Project Space, we are very pleased to present the complete set of Jasper Johns’ Fragment—According to What, his seminal series from 1971. Consistently examining fragmentation and the relationship of the part to the whole, in this series Johns breaks apart one of his own paintings—According to What from 1964. Throughout his career, Johns uses his paintings as source materials for his visual language, self-referencing and repeating elements again and again.

Alalia Saban:  Where We Start From, 2018
Where We Start From
January 5, 2018March 10, 2018

Gemini G.E.L. is pleased to announce its second collaboration with Los Angeles-based artist Analia Saban. Analia Saban - Where We Start From is on view through March 10th, and features four different and inventive series utilizing a wide range of techniques. From etching and embossing, to linen canvas bags filled with paint, Saban’s work disrupts standard printmaking practices, and in the process rejuvenates a medium long steeped in technical traditions.

Pacific Seriously, 2018 (installation view)
January 5, 2018March 10, 2018
Elizabeth Murray, "It Had To Be You" (Knotting), 1999; Bruce Nauman, O, 2012; Richard Serra, Junction #5, 2010, Susan Rothenberg, Puppet Series #1, 2008; Robert Rauschenberg, Test Stone #1, 1967; Tacita Dean, LA Exuberance 10, 2016; Joe Goode, Untiteld (f
Affordable Gifts for the Holidays on view through December 23
December 1, 2017December 23, 2017

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Ann Hamilton, Rights, 2017; Peregrine Falcon, 2017; Peregrine Falcon (Sepia), 2017; The Equal and Inalienable Rights of All, 2017; Pigeon Guillemot, 2017
Ann Hamilton at Gemini G.E.L.
October 5, 2017December 23, 2017

Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl is pleased to announce new projects by Ann Hamilton, including eight screenprints, three blind-embossment etchings and twenty unique cloth and word collages created on book endpapers. The exhibition will be on view October 5 through November 30, and celebrates the artist’s nearly two decades of working with the Los Angeles-based Gemini G.E.L. workshop.

Ellsworth Kelly, Leaves, 1997; Robert Rauschenberg, Domicile, 1996; Alex Katz, Marigold, 2004; Elizabeth Murray, Deep Blue C, 2001; Susan Rothenberg, High Desert, 2006; Ed Ruscha, Column with Speed Lines, 2003; Jeff Koons, Play-Doh, 2015; Wayne Theibaud,
The Original Print Collection
October 6, 2017November 30, 2017

Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl is pleased to present the complete Original Print Collection of the Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies (FAPE), on view October 6 through November 30, 2017. FAPE is a public- private partnership dedicated to providing permanent works of American art for United States embassies worldwide, and has raised more than $150 million in art and monetary contributions in support of the U.S.Department of State’s mission of cultural diplomacy. FAPE’s Collections include works by more than 200 preeminent artists and span more than 140 countries.

John Baldessari, Hands & Feet: Hands, Tiger & Teeth, 2017; Hands & Feet: Hands, Baseball & Glove, 2017; Hands & Feet: Hands, Gloves & Person, 2017; Hands & Feet: Hands & Nose, 2017.
Eight new screenprints
October 5, 2017November 30, 2017

Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl is pleased to present eight new screenprints by John Baldessari titled Hands & Feet. The exhibition, on view from October 5th through November 30th, celebrates the artist’s continued collaboration with the Los Angeles-based Gemini G.E.L. workshop, dating back to 1990. Throughout his career, Baldessari has appropriated images, altering them with oftentimes humorous and provocative effect.

Robert Rauschenberg, Bellini #4, 1988; Borealis Share II, 1990; Tides, 1969; Drifts, 1969; Gulf, 1969.
Selected Series from the 60s & 70s
June 1, 2017September 30, 2017
Robert Rauschenberg, Rookery Mounds - Grape Levee, 1979; Rookery Mounds - Gray Garden, 1979; Rookery Mounds - Night Tork, 1979; Rookery Mounds - Mud Dauber, 1979.
Eleven lithographs on Twinrocker handmade paper
June 1, 2017September 20, 2017

Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl is pleased to present Robert Rauschenberg’s Rookery Mounds,reunited in New York as the complete suite for the first time since they were initially exhibited at the legendary Castelli Graphics in 1979.