Sky, 1983; Coat, 1979
The Private Eye of Philip Guston: The Gemini Editions
May 14, 2008July 11, 2008

Shortly before his death in June 1980, Philip Guston collaborated with the renowned print studio, Gemini G.E.L., on a suite of twenty-five lithographs. These prints perfectly manifest the bold, figurative style of Guston's late work, which had sent shockwaves through the art world in 1970 as a radical departure from his trademark abstract expressionism.

Ken Price at Gemini G.E.L.:Prints and Ceramics 1970-2005
Prints and Ceramics 1970 - 2005
March 22, 2008May 10, 2008

Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl is pleased to present an exhibition of the prints and ceramic multiples Ken Pricecreated at the Los Angeles artists' workshop, Gemini G.E.L , beginning with his first collaboration in 1970 to his latest in 2005. Known for his brightly-colored ceramic cups, bowls, biomorphic sculptures and drawings, the Gemini editions offer an exceptional indication of the breadth of Ken Price's career. The exhibition will feature a selection of screenprints as well as the artist's signature cups and more recent ceramic multiples.

Left to right: Frank Gehry New Lithographs 2007; Ed Ruscha Cityscapes 2007
Gehry: New Lithographs | Ruscha: Cityscapes
February 1, 2008March 19, 2008

Frank Gehry 
New Lithographs

Left to Right: Tap 2004, Samarkand Stitches #IV 1988
Marrakech, Samarkand and Tibet
December 13, 2007January 26, 2008
Left to Right: River II 2005, The Rhine from States of the River 2005
October 25, 2007December 8, 2007

Ellsworth Kelly has developed a new interest—astronomy. Long-time friend Sidney Felsen purchased a telescope and presented it to the artist for his 84th birthday, celebrated at his home in Spencertown, New York. Perhaps that's what separates artists from the rest of us—a curiosity that continues to inspire, a willingness to explore, and a capacity to learn that doesn't diminish with age. Kelly's recent projects, created at Gemini G.E.L. in Los Angeles and known collectively as The Rivers, are the lithographic embodiment of this inquisitiveness.

Bruce Nauman "Soft Ground Etchings" and "Infrared Outtakes" Announcement Card
"Soft Ground Etchings" and "Infrared Outtakes"
September 6, 2007October 20, 2007

One of the most versatile and influential contemporary artists, Bruce Nauman moves effortlessly between sculpture, video, film, sound installation, drawing, and printmaking. Since the 1960's, he has experimented with emerging technology, including video, holography, neon, infrared film, as well as a wide range of printmaking techniques. His two recent series published by the Los Angeles-based artists workshop, Gemini G.E.L., Soft Ground Etchings and Infrared Outtakes, find their source in early photographs taken on infrared film.

Left to Right: Between the Torus and the Sphere III, V, I, II, and IV 2006
"Between the Torus and Sphere" and "Paths and Edges"
May 31, 2007July 13, 2007

At 67, Richard Serra is at the top of his game. With the permanent installation of 8 massive steel sculptures in Spain at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, numerous public and private commissions, and an upcoming retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, his chapter in the annals of art history is guaranteed. In addition to being a sculptor, Serra has been making prints at Gemini G.E.L. in Los Angeles for over thirty years.

Left to Right: Robert Rauschenberg, Test Stone #3 1967, Jasper Johns, Two Flags 1981
Baldessari, Borofsky, Brown, Celmins, Gober, Hamilton, Johns, Kelly, Lichtenstein, Morley, Murray, Nauman, Oldenburg, Price, Rauschenberg, Rosenquist, Rothenberg, Serra
February 16, 2007March 17, 2007

Iam delighted to announce the relocation of our gallery to
the fifth floor of the magnificent 1949 Parke-Bernet Galleries Building at 980 Madison Avenue, which The New York Times recently noted was once the “Grand Central Terminal of the art world.”

To the art community, this stunning, modernist structure by Walker & Poor, with its iconic Wheeler Williams sculpture over the majestic entrance, is a truly historic and familiar site. We are very pleased and proud to now be able to attach our name to it as well.

Left to right: Richard Serra, Trajectory #2, 2004; Trajectory #1, 2004
Works by Richard Serra and Ellsworth Kelly
January 23, 2007February 15, 2007
October 25, 2006December 9, 2006
Human Structures 2006 Announcement Card
September 5, 2006October 21, 2006