Baldessari Person with Guitar Series 2005 Announcement Card
September 1, 2005October 15, 2005
Left to right: Richard Serra, Double Transversal, 2004; Transversal #4, 2004
(in cooperation with Danese)
January 12, 2005March 26, 2005

Richard Serra has once again established new boundaries for printmakers with Arc of theCurve, 13 new etchings created at Gemini G.E.L. The prints range in size from large (47x 35 inches) to immense (90 x 96 inches), and echo Serra’s sculptures in their scale andmonumentality. Selections from this body of work are on view concurrently at the Danesegallery (41 East 57th Street) and Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl, from January 13—February 12, 2004.

November 28, 2004January 8, 2005
From Left to Right: Susan Rothenberg, Jim's Splat 2003, Elizabeth Murray, Radish 2001
June 1, 2004August 31, 2004
Elizabeth Murray Rooftops with Flying Geese Announcement Card (2003)
November 1, 2003January 31, 2004
Susan Rothenberg Announcement Card 2003
September 18, 2003October 22, 2003

We are pleased to announce the publication of seventeen solid-silver sculptures and seven prints by Susan Rothenberg. This is Rothenberg's first project with Gemini since her six prints published in 1986. The sculpture began with Rothenberg's experimentation with clay found on her ranch in New Mexico. She formed the seventeen small heads out of clay and then, out of her desire to preserve them, she approached Gemini about casting them.

Malcolm Morley: Recent Prints and Sculptures (full installation view)
June 1, 2003September 30, 2003

Born in England, Malcolm Morley grew up during the air raids of World War II, and as a child he had a keen interest in model airplanes. The Gemini prints and sculptures are a continuation of Morley's fascination with the ready-made, such as postcards, calendars, and posters. A realist, a colorist, a Pop-artist- all these terms apply to Morley, and this body of work encompasses all of these aesthetic endeavors.

When We Were Young Announcement Card 2003
Masterworks from the Unforgettable Years, 1967 - 1974
February 1, 2003June 30, 2003
November 1, 2001January 31, 2002

Gemini G.E.L. is pleased to announce the publication of 3 new collaged lithograph/screenprints by Elizabeth Murray. This is Murray's fifth collaboration since 1993 with the Gemini workshop, and continues her interest in making 3-dimensional works on paper.

From left to right: Richard Serra, T.E. Which Way Which Way, 2000; Line Heat, 2000; T.E. Double Causality, 2001
(in cooperation with Danese)
July 20, 2001September 7, 2001