Frank Stella
Prints from the 1960s and '70s
May 3, 1995June 24, 1995
Bruce Nauman
Fingers and Holes
February 28, 1995April 29, 1995

An exhibition of eleven new works by Bruce Nauman, Fingers and Holes, opens February 28, 1995 at Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl. As the title implies, the monoprint, seven small etchings, and three lithographs in this series all use the subject of hands as predominant imagery. 

References to the human hand abound in Nauman's work, from fingerprints left on sculpture in the 1960, to photographs of his own hands and feet in 1978, to more recent works in neon.

Robert Rauschenberg
Booster and 7 Studies / Dictionary Series
October 28, 1994December 26, 1994

Booster and 7 Studies by Robert Rauschenberg opens at Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl on October 28th, and will be on view through November 26th, 1994. This series of eight prints, Rauschenberg's first project with Gemini G.E.L. in 1967, was a groundbreaking collaboration. His concept to incorporate x-rays, photographic material, rubbings from printed images and direct drawing was itself a technological breakthrough in printmaking. Yet it was the size and scale of the "Booster" print that pushed printmaking to its limits at this early stage.

David Hockney
"Some New Prints" and "Some More New Prints"
September 7, 1994October 22, 1994

"Some New Prints" and "Some More New Prints" by David Hockney opens at Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl on September 7th and will be on view through October 22nd. There are 12 editions in Hockney's most recent collaboration with Gemini G.E.L., the Los Angeles-based artists' workshop. In these newest works, Hockney pursues what he refers to as "narrative abstraction"; the works at first appear abstract but they have a visual theme woven into them, with references to outdoor landscapes, interior environments, and personal, emotional "landscapes".


John Baldessari Announcement Card
A French Horn Player, a Square Blue Moon, and Other Subjects
April 1, 1994August 31, 1994

Eight new print editions by John Baldessari are currently on view at Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl on September 7th and will be on view through October 22nd. These are the artist's first prints published by Gemini G.E.L., the Los Angeles-based artists' workshop, and are large, colorful combinations of lithography and screenprinting. In these prints, Baldessari explores a recurring theme of analyzing parts and wholes of an image. As he states, "I'm interested in what happens when two images come together and in the meaning that ensues."

Borofsky, Diebenkorn, Hockney, Kelly, Oldenburg, Price, Rockburne, Rothenberg, Rauschenberg, Serra
January 15, 1994February 26, 1994
Artists at Gemini G.E.L. 1993
In Celebration of Gemini's 25th Anniversary
November 6, 1993December 23, 1993
Works by Robert Rauschenberg and Richard Diebenkorn
September 1, 1993October 30, 1993
Recent Prints and Sculpture Editions
June 1, 1993July 31, 1993
(in cooperation with Paula Cooper Gallery
April 29, 1993May 28, 1993
Works by Jasper Johns, Ellsworth Kelly, and Ken Price
January 1, 1993March 31, 1993
Borofsky, Celmins, Diebenkorn, Guston, Hockney, Kelly, Oldenburg, Rauschenberg, Serra, & Steinberg
October 14, 1992December 31, 1992